FLA Posture Control Brace

BSN Jobst FLA® Orthopedics Soft Form® Posture Control Brace Small, 26" to 32" Circumference, Beige, Latex-Free

Posture Control Brace Designed to correct poor posture by gently pulling the shoulders back and holding them in the proper position. Elastic side panels provide support compression to stabilize the abdominal and lumbar regions for improved posture and alignment. Two bendable aluminum stays provide additional support and can be removed and shaped to contour the back. Elastic straps help prevent slouching and are soft and comfortable to prevent pinching of the skin. The criss-cross design in the back allows for greater adjustability. It helps to improve poor posture and relieve pain caused by arthritis. Can also minimize a "stooped" posture often associated with mild osteoporosis.

  • Made out of soft breathable materials.

  • Pulls your shoulders back and down for correct alignment.

  • Criss-cross elastic strap design provides greater adjustability.

  • Has two bendable stays for lumbar stabilization.

  • Great for arthritis and osteoporosis sufferers.

  • Comfortable for all day wear.

  • Suitable for both men and women.

  • Washable.

FLA Posture Control Brace