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Cervical Collar Economy Soft Density XL Adult

Cervical Collar Economy Soft Density XL Adult

Used for symptomatic relief of muscle, tendon, ligament, or soft tissue injury of the neck injury

1" thick soft foam slightly contoured. Foam.

McKesson # 807486

Manufacturer:Scott Specialties

Circumference:17 to 21 Inch Neck Circumference


Includes an extra stockinette sleeve

For sizing, measure the circumference of the neck at the Adam's Apple.

Cervical Collar Pro Care Universal Medium Adult

Cervical Collar Pro Care Universal Medium Adult

Ideal for supporting the cervical spine in neutral position. Medium and firm density foam collars provide consistent fit and support. Fits a wide range of neck sizes

Cotton stockinette cover for better patient hygiene.

Includes an additional cotton stockinette cover

Cervical Collar Pro Care Form Fit Adult Large

Cervical Collar Pro Care Form Fit Adult Large

One-Piece 4-1/2 Inch Height. Ideal for post-operative rehabilitation or cervical sprains and strains

Helps support the cervical spine in a neutral position

Contour design can be used in either flexed or extended position

Cotton stockinette cover for better patient hygiene. For height, measure from the sternal notch to the chin. 

Circumference 15 to 20 Inch Neck Circumference


OTC Neoprene Shoulder Support

OTC Neoprene Shoulder Support

The OTC Select 2451 neoprene shoulder support delivers therapeutic heat and compressive support to improve healing after injury or such issues as arthritis and tendonitis. It warms the shoulder while providing stability and joint flexibility to help accelerate the healing process. It can be worn all day for comfort against inflammation, acute or chronic pain, joint instability, post-op rehabilitation or after a dislocation.

• Supports and protects while allowing virtually full range of motion

• Four-way stretch material provides even compression over all anatomical prominences of the joint

• Hook-and-loop compatible material allows for a wide range of adjustability

• Reversible for right or left side use

• Inconspicuous when worn under clothing

OTC Comfort Fit Maternity Support

OTC Comfort Fit Maternity Support

• Provides gentle, adjustable support for muscles and ligaments during pregnancy

• Abdominal uplift panel assumes the load from naturally weakened muscles and ligaments without undesirable pressure; helps the lower back maintain its normal curvature, reducing strain

• Top elastic strap anchors garment in correct position

• Hinged web elastic is breathable for cool wearing comfort, molds around body contours for a custom fit

• Anti-roll stays in back panel for additional support

• Easy hook and loop fastening and adjustment

• Can be worn inconspicuously under most clothing

FLA Posture Control Brace

FLA Posture Control Brace

BSN Jobst FLA® Orthopedics Soft Form® Posture Control Brace Small, 26" to 32" Circumference, Beige, Latex-Free

Posture Control Brace Designed to correct poor posture by gently pulling the shoulders back and holding them in the proper position. Elastic side panels provide support compression to stabilize the abdominal and lumbar regions for improved posture and alignment. Two bendable aluminum stays provide additional support and can be removed and shaped to contour the back. Elastic straps help prevent slouching and are soft and comfortable to prevent pinching of the skin. The criss-cross design in the back allows for greater adjustability. It helps to improve poor posture and relieve pain caused by arthritis. Can also minimize a "stooped" posture often associated with mild osteoporosis.

  • Made out of soft breathable materials.

  • Pulls your shoulders back and down for correct alignment.

  • Criss-cross elastic strap design provides greater adjustability.

  • Has two bendable stays for lumbar stabilization.

  • Great for arthritis and osteoporosis sufferers.

  • Comfortable for all day wear.

  • Suitable for both men and women.

  • Washable.

Arm Sling Ossur

Arm Sling Ossur

Contact closure, One size fits most.

Shoulder Immobilizer Ossur

Shoulder Immobilizer Ossur

Hook and Loop Closure, we have many sizes.

Arthritis Gloves IMAK

Arthritis Gloves IMAK

  • Designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands, IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves have earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation for its design

  • The unique design of the IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves provides mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing

  • The Arthritis Gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton material, meaning they are comfortable enough to wear all day and night

  • The open fingertips allow you complete freedom to feel, touch and grip, so you can perform daily tasks without issue

  • Black accent

  • Washable

Don Joy Surround Tennis Elbow Band

Don Joy Surround Tennis Elbow Band

One size fits most.
Thumb Spica Strap Closure Navy FLA Orthopedics

Thumb Spica Strap Closure Navy FLA Orthopedics

  • Anatomically designed to ensure a comfortable fit

  • Perspiration is absorbed by a self wicking lining and increased ventilation is provided by perforated blue foam

  • Ideal for arthritis, DeQuervain’s Syndrome, tendinitis, and post thumb injuries

  • Closure straps are stretchable for ease of application and removal

Wrist Brace Ossur Formfit

Wrist Brace Ossur Formfit

  • Designed to restrict motion of the wrist

  • Provides immoblization and protection from select soft tissue injuries, mild to moderate strains & sprains, including gamekeeper's thumb and post-cast healing

  • Constructed of breathable material

  • Quick-Pull close strap for easy application

  • Positional dorsal stay

  • Malleable Palmar Stay


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